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About Us

Hello, thank you for your visiting.  Miro Doll is a small factory, we specialize in making Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.   We work hard to make pretty dolls at low price for doll lovers and collectors worldwide.   We try to improve the quality of the  dolls all the time, and offer as best price as we can.  And we are always glad to listen to all our dear customers' ideas, critics and suggestions.   Customer satisfaction is our only principle. 

We are glad to cooperate with the artists around the world.   We can help artist to cast their dolls at reasonable price.  We can also help customers to scupt dolls from sketches or paintings.

And we always try our best to support or sponse the doll conventions and events. 

We are glad to cooperate with the doll related factories and suppliers.  If you have good things, like dolls,  clothes, eyes, wigs, boots etc,  we can help to sell your products on Miro Doll website.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us  We will try to answer you within 24 hours. 

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Asian Ball Jointed Dolls,shoes,clothes, wigs and other good things for dolls!.