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Color Chart

The below is the comparison picture of Miro Doll Normal Skin and Normal Yellow.   Normal Yellow is close to Volks Yellow, DZ yellow, AOD yellow.  Normal Yellow has been added to the skin color options.



 These are the five skin colors we have now.  Customers can order their dolls in these colors. 

Dark Chocolate, Burnt Sugar, TAN, Normal Skin(NS), White skin(WS)

The below is the color chart with different exposures.

Now lilac and blue is available. 

About the colors,  our NS and WS are the same color all the time.  There is no color difference almost all the time.  The color is stable.    But the other colors are not very stable.   There are color difference between batches of dolls.  As the colored dolls needs are not big,  when we receive one order, then we mix the color and cast the doll.   The color can not be very accurate.   The normal skin and white skin doll material are ordered in big bulk, so there is no color difference.

Color matching: We also offer color matching service.  Customers can send a picture of the color or a hand or headcap to us,  we can mix the color according to customer's color sample.   When the color is mixed, we will send customer picture of the color mixed together with the color sample, when the resin color is confirmed, then we make the doll for the customer.  Color matching fee is $35. If customer order 3 or more dolls in the color, we do not charge color matching fee.

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