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Photo Contest

Miro Doll Photo Contest 2017-2018

To reward the dear customers and supporters,  and offer an opportunity for the doll fans to show and appreciate their dolls, Miro Doll make efforts to host the photo contest on Facebook Mirodoll page. We hope all people will have pleasure in the contest.  

Theme of the contest: 
Embrace the nature in Winter. 

Entry Qualifications:
Customers who own Miro dolls.  The dolls can be ordered from Miro Doll website, or via layaway, or via Miro Etsy shop.   
If you ordered the doll second hand, you are also welcome to join the contest. 
XM dolls are also accepted, but the dolls should be ordered via Miro Doll. 

Entry location:

Entry Period 
2017/11/20 - 2018/1/20 

One entry includes 3 to 5 works.
One person can post more than one Entry. 
All photos must include Mirodoll dolls, but can including other brand's dolls.
All photos must be original works
File format: JPEG, File size should be less than 2 MB.
The photos should be made for this contest only, and must not be shown before.  
We may use your photos for future advertisement.


The winners will be generated by voting, open and fair.

There will be one first prize, two second price and three third price. 

1st place:
The winner will receive a 1/3 size boy doll.

2nd place:
The winner will receive a 1/3 size girl doll.

3rd place:
The winner will receive a 1/4 size doll.  

The winners do not need to pay for the shipping fee.

All the people that join the contest will receive a 6 % discount coupon code, when you use the code on Miro Doll website, you can get 6%discount.  

Thank you very much!
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