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Green Protecting bag(Sleeping Bag)

Starting at: $4.00       FREE SHIPPING on orders over $888.00

The green bag can be your doll's sleeping bag or protecting bag.    When you do not play with your boys and girls, put them in a PP bag, then put them in the green bag, then a box or carton,  you can keep your doll for years.  The doll will not be stained, and will not yellow easily.   

We have two size, one 1/4 size, the other is 1/3 size.   You can put your 1/4 size doll in the 1/4 bag.  The 1/3 bag can carry Miro doll 1/3 dolls and 68cm boy body. 

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Starting at: $4.00


  • Model: Sleeping Bag
  • Shipping Weight: 200g

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