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Silicon sanding bar(Silicon sanding bar)

$8.80       FREE SHIPPING on orders over $888.00

Sanding is very hard work.  You must get good sanding tools, to make sanding work not so hard but more efficiently. 

The white silicon is the material we used to make mould.   First we make a round silicon bar.  The diameter is 3.5cm, the length is 22.5cm  Then we fix sandpaper or sandcloth on the silicon bar with tie-wraps.   Now we can use it to sand the articles. 

When the sandcloth is worn out, you cut the tie, and change new sand cloth. 

We will send 6pcs of extra tie-wraps, 1 pcs of #600 sandcloth, 1 pcs of #400 sandcloth, a pcs of #800 sandpaper and a pcs of #2000 sandpaper.





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  • Model: Silicon sanding bar
  • Shipping Weight: 200g

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