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New 62cm Boy Lemon(New 62cm Boy)

Starting at: $176.00       FREE SHIPPING on orders over $888.00

This is a new 1/3 size boy Lemon.   He has double jointed knees and elbows.   The boy is like William, has hinged feet, but is taller than William.   There are two colors availble.  One is Normal Pink, a little pinker than normal skin, while still can be called normal skin, so it is called normal pink.  The other skin color available is called Beauty White, it is also called Creamy, a color not so white as snow white, with a little bit of yellow in it. 

The size of the boy:

Height: 62cm

Head Size: 22cm

Neck Circumference: 9.5cm

Shoulder Width: 13.5cm

Arm Length: 26cm

Chest: 24cm

Waist: 19cm

Hip: 25cm

Leg Length: 31cm

Feet Length: 7cm

Free Gift for this boy: When you order the boy before June 30, you can get a pair of shoes as a gift, ANY shoes at Miro Doll website. 




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Starting at: $176.00


  • Model: New 62cm Boy
  • Shipping Weight: 1800g

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