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60cm girl Annie(60cm girl Annie)

$200.00       FREE SHIPPING on orders over $888.00
Annie is 60cm tall.
The size of the doll body:
Height: 60cm
Girth of neck: 8.5cm
Width of shoulders: 11cm
Length of arm(shoulder to wrist): 16.5cm
Girth of wrist: 5cm
Girth of chest: 25cm
Girth of waist: 17cm
Girth of hip: 24cm
Length of leg(hip to ankle): 30cm
Girth of thigh: 15cm
Girth of ankle: 6.5cm
lenght of foot: 7cm
width of foot: 2.8cm We have one Annie girl in stock.  She is in Normal Skin-classic, with faceup.

She wears 18mm eyes and 8-9" wigs.

It is the default faceup:


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  • Model: 60cm girl Annie
  • Shipping Weight: 1800g

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